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RedNet Control 2.8.3

Please see release notes for Apple Silicon (M1) and macOS 10.14-specific installation information.

RedNet Control 2.8.3 - Windows

RedNet Control 2.8.3 - Mac (macOS 10.14 or later)

RedNet Control 2.8.3 Release Notes

Mac Thunderbolt Driver (macOS 10.14)

For macOS 10.14 only. Users of macOS 10.15 or later should just install the latest version of RedNet Control which comes bundled with a new driver.

User Guides

RedNet Control 2.8 User Guide

Updated user guide to include changes made in RedNet Control 2.8.

Red Range User Guide

- Updated user guide for the Red range of interfaces including the:


  • Red 4Pre
  • Red 8Pre
  • Red 8Line
  • Red 16Line