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SaffireControl LE 1.6
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+ Adds Pro-Tools 9 Windows compatibility

SaffireControl LE 1.5
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This release adds native 1394 driver support for the Saffire LE on Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. For more information about this, please visit the Focusrite Answerbase.

SaffireControl LE v1.4
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Public Beta.

Mac users: Install Version 1.2 first, then replace the SaffireControl LE software (located in the /Applications/Saffire LE folder) with this Version 1.4.

Release notes:

- Fixes VU metering problem for s/w returns 1/2 and 3/4.

Saffire LE 1.3
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resolved a problem with pausing audio playback on Windows Vista

Version 1.2
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Mac OS
-SaffireControl 1.1
-Firmware version 1.1 (7442)

Windows XP & Vista (All versions)
-ASIO & WDM drivers 2.44 (drivers now signed for Vista 64)
-SaffireControl LE 1.1 (7452)

NOTE (Mac Only): The 1.1 firmware update fixes a problem with SPDIF syncronisation. The firmware updater is installed in /Applications/Focusrite Saffire LE.

Release Notes
Saffire 1.2.8104 - Windowsnow compatible with Vista 64bit


Saffire LE Brochure

Technical Docs

FireWire safety when plugging and unplugging devices
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This article explains the steps necessary to safely plug in and unplug your FireWire devices without causing damage to the device or your computer.

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