VRM Box 1.2

08 Jan 2012
VRM Box 1.2

- Updates ASIO driver to 1.10 (Windows)
New Features/Bugfixes
- Fixed bug where control panel wouldn't open on "non-admin" user accounts (Mac)
- New graphics for bypass button and SPDIF lock indication
- Additional 9dB attenuation option to avoid clipping of loud source material on some speaker models
- No longer clicks/pops when changing speaker model/environment
- VRM Box software now works with Exposé and Spaces (Mac)
- SPDIF audio now streaming after install and reboot
- Fixed kernel panic on waking from sleep on some systems (Mac)
Known Issues
- Audio may intermittently not resume after waking computer from sleep, or connecting the VRM Box. Restarting the computer or disconnecting/reconnecting the VRM Box should resolve this.
- Putting computer to sleep while ASIO driver is in use will require the VRM Box to be reselected in your DAW upon wake (WIndows only)