Liquid Mix 3.0

01 Jul 2010

-Logic 8/9 now supported on Snow Leopard
-Plug-in output level now correct upon session reload when using Sidechain
-Edited snapshots now reload correctly
-Updated graphics
-Integrated VST 2.4 plug-ins into main installer

The following DAW/Platform combinations are not supported by Liquid Mix.
-64bit Sonar (no change)
-IMPORTANT: Users of Pro Tools on Mac and Cubase on a Power PC Mac should not download this release and instead continue using version 2.3.16.

Known issues
-Some LM instances won't pass audio in Cubase at 96k with expansion card fitted, until they have been reinstantiated
-LM16 will not pass audio with expansion card fitted
-Requires legacy drivers on Windows 7. More Information
-EQ graph inaccuracy at low frequencies. More Information
-Plug-in will not work at 192kHz sample rate