Liquid 4PRE software 1.1 - Including TDM/RTAS plug-in

18 Jul 2012

This is Version 1.1 release of the Liquid4Control and Pro Tools plugin software for use with Focusrite Liquid 4PRE. After installation, it is important that you setup the 4Pre hardware on your network before running the Liquid4Control software. Network configuration details are included in the Liquid4Control user guide.

Once the Liquid 4Pre has been configured on the network, you can run the Liquid4Control software. The first time you run Liquid4Control, you may be prompted to update the firmware in your Liquid 4Pre hardware. It is important that you complete this update for all available hardware units.

The Liquid4Control software is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Window XP and Vista. Mac users must be running Mac OS Tiger 10.4.10 or later.

+ L4Pre Plugin features improved overall performance, reliability & integration with Pro Tools
+ Liquid4Control features an all new Device Setup interface - much cleaner and easier to use with drag'n'drop device ordering
+ improved reliability of reconnection and device setup operation
+ fixed several issues with digital sync source selection
+ improved Pro Tools plugin instantiation and session reloading (new plugins load settings from hardware whilst reloaded sessions restore saved settings to hardware)